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12 October 2023 - 13 October 2023
Wageningen, Netherlands
6th European Machine Vision Forum

Where Research Meets Industry

Real-world Machine Vision Challenges

Coping with Variability and Uncontrolled Environments

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Machine vision solutions provide great value to end-users, but also must function well in real-world environments like agriculture, environmental monitoring, industrial and medical applications. Depending on the application at hand, specific challenges arise which concern the variability of the vision task as well as possible disturbances or operational conditions like for example large varieties of disturbances, variations of the objects to be inspected or unknown camera poses.

The European Machine Vision Forum is an annual event of the European Machine Vision Association - EMVA. The aim is to foster interaction between the machine vision industry and academic research to learn from each other, discuss the newest research results as well as problems from applications, learn about emerging application fields, and to discuss research cooperation between industry and academic institutes. The overall aim is to accelerate innovation by translating new re­search results faster into practice.

The forum is directed to scientists, development engineers, software and hardware engineers, and programmers both from research and Industry.

What to expect 

  • Plenary sessions with carefully selected contributed and invited talks, presenting a broad variety of a focused topic of the forum.
  • Extended coffee and lunch breaks and evening get-together for Networking.
  • Teaser sessions dedicated to poster presentations as well as hardware and software demonstrations with ample room for discussions in small groups. Each participant can submit papers and posters for free and also show demos (table-top exhibition possibilities).

Each participant will receive a certificate of his participation detailing the program.


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